Timber Services & Consulting  

Smith Timbering and Consultants offer high-quality logging services to Western Pennsylvania. We will walk your property to see what types of tree species you have, the quality of trees, as well as volume. We will make a recommendation as to what should be done with your property and give you an estimate of the value of each timber tract.

Our many years of professional logging experience are available to you at a reasonable price. We bid on jobs large and small, commercial, and residential. We fall, skid, and haul your timber to the sawmill. We offer thinning as well as clear cutting.

Haul roads and landings constructed are used and maintained in such a manner to minimize damage to residual trees and property of the land owner.

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Managing any amount of timber removal can be complex and affects the value of your property. We provide consultive services to assess your situation and help you make decisions that are informed and achieve your goals. Call Wes Smith today to make an appointment.


The goal of Smith Timbering and Consults is to make certain we promote sustainable forests through tree harvesting best practices while meeting the objective of the landowner.   

In doing this we strive to:

  • Minimize the harvesting impact by strategically planning the location of logging roads and skid trails
  • Oversee progress through out the entire timber harvest
  • Protect soil, air, and water quality
  • Utilize the entire product of the log
  • Comply with all local, state, and federal laws that apply


Call Wes at (814) 591-4106